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Current and Past Projects

Western Region Projects
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Priority Needs

Pest Management Needs Survey (National IR-4 site)
The survey is open until September 1, 2017 for submitting needs for 2018 research priorities, to be discussed at the October 2017 IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Workshop.

2017 Ornamental Horticulture Workshop (for 2018-19 research priorities)
Will be held in October 17-19, 2017, in San Diego, CA.
2017 Trial Selection - New Web Portal

In November 2016, a new trial selection web portal for researchers to choose crop safety and efficacy trials starting in 2017 was implemented on the IR-4 main website.

2015 Ornamental Horticulture Workshop (for 2016-17 research priorities)
Held October 6-8, 2015 in Chicago, IL

Priority Discussion for 2016-17 Research

Priorities from the Conference Call 8/12/15

List of All Research Needs