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Updated: 5/24/2018
Western Region IR4
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12388.18-NM260 Lettuce Flutianil TRT01.DownRow ATV calibration Mt Vernon WA ATV spray rig Airblast Sprayer Catch Jig WSU
12388.18-NM260 Lettuce Flutianil TRT01.DownRow.jpg ATV calibration Mt Vernon WA.jpg ATV spray rig.jpg Airblast Sprayer Catch Jig WSU.jpg
Airblast Sprayer with 4 Small Tanks Parma ID Airblast sprayer for hops at Parma AmericanFarmer2 ArborJet Avocado Trunk Injections
Airblast Sprayer with 4 Small Tanks Parma ID.jpg Airblast sprayer for hops at Parma.jpg AmericanFarmer2.jpg ArborJet Avocado Trunk Injections.jpg
ArborJet Avocado injector and port Asparagus Crowns Covering Asparagus Crowns PrePlant Dipping Asparagus Crowns at Planting
ArborJet Avocado injector and port.jpg Asparagus Crowns Covering.jpg Asparagus Crowns PrePlant Dipping.jpg Asparagus Crowns at Planting.jpg
Avocado-Injection Inserts Avocado-Injection-Drilling Avocado-Injection-Syringe Avocado-Injection-Tank
Avocado-Injection Inserts.jpg Avocado-Injection-Drilling.jpg Avocado-Injection-Syringe.jpg Avocado-Injection-Tank.jpg
Avocado-Injection-TreeBase Avocado-Sample Reduction BYI_Blueberry Barley thiamethoxam ID
Avocado-Injection-TreeBase.jpg Avocado-Sample Reduction.jpg BYI_Blueberry.jpg Barley thiamethoxam ID.jpg
Bird Protection-Sesame Blueberry imidiclolprid OR Boom Catch Jig WSU Boom-Catch-Wilson Peng
Bird Protection-Sesame.jpg Blueberry imidiclolprid OR.jpg Boom Catch Jig WSU.jpg Boom-Catch-Wilson Peng.jpg
CHE chopped wheat UCD CVS Endive Conveyor Sprayer CVS Endive Conveyor SprayerCloseUp Calibrating Airblast One Catch-KARE
CHE chopped wheat UCD .jpg CVS Endive Conveyor Sprayer.jpg CVS Endive Conveyor SprayerCloseUp.jpg Calibrating Airblast One Catch-KARE.jpg
Calibrating Airblast Sprayer WSU Calibrating Airblast-One Catch-UCD CalibratingSprayer2 Calibration Output
Calibrating Airblast Sprayer WSU.jpg Calibrating Airblast-One Catch-UCD.jpg CalibratingSprayer2.jpg Calibration Output.jpg
Catch Jig CloseUp UCD Catch Jig UCD Checking Sprayer Level Chem Storage-2016 Materials
Catch Jig CloseUp UCD.jpg Catch Jig UCD.jpg Checking Sprayer Level.jpg Chem Storage-2016 Materials.jpg
Chemical Storage In Plastic Bags Chemigation Loading HI Cherry PH dipping Cherry Pitter KARE
Chemical Storage In Plastic Bags.jpg Chemigation Loading HI.jpg Cherry PH dipping.jpg Cherry Pitter KARE.jpg
Coolers Blue-UTC. Red-TRTs CylindarStandUCD Data Documentation Diluent-Measurring
Coolers Blue-UTC. Red-TRTs.jpg CylindarStandUCD.jpg Data Documentation.jpg Diluent-Measurring.jpg
Directed Foliar Application Sprayer Documenting Droplet Size Differentiation Dosatrons WSU Drip Injector NMSU
Directed Foliar Application Sprayer.jpg Documenting Droplet Size Differentiation.jpg Dosatrons WSU.jpg Drip Injector NMSU.jpg
Drip Irrigation Catches Drip Output Capture Drip System-Hose End Pressure DripApplicationSetup
Drip Irrigation Catches.jpg Drip Output Capture.jpg Drip System-Hose End Pressure.jpg DripApplicationSetup.jpg
Dryer Signs Drying bags -Extra holes Ensuring Test Substance is Properly Mixed Coastal Research Services King City, CA Etofenprox Helicopter Timing
Dryer Signs.jpg Drying bags -Extra holes.jpg Ensuring Test Substance is Properly Mixed Coastal Research Services King City, CA.jpg Etofenprox Helicopter Timing.jpg
Flow meter HI Flow meter calibration HI Fogger-App Fogger-ground speed IR gun
Flow meter HI.jpg Flow meter calibration HI.jpg Fogger-App.jpg Fogger-ground speed IR gun.jpg
Freezer Alarm Temp Alert System DREC Gandy Catch Tray Gina Koskela OSU Grass Plot Clipper Parma ID
Freezer Alarm Temp Alert System DREC.jpg Gandy Catch Tray.jpg Gina Koskela OSU.jpg Grass Plot Clipper Parma ID.jpg
Greenhouse Cukes KARE Hand Gun Spraying Avocado Trees UCR High Volume Applicator High Volume Applicator calb
Greenhouse Cukes KARE.jpg Hand Gun Spraying Avocado Trees UCR.jpg High Volume Applicator.jpg High Volume Applicator calb.jpg
Hop residue trial OR Impingers-CloseUp Impingers-Top Canopy Joe DeFrancesco Adjusts Pete Sturman's Metronome
Hop residue trial OR.jpg Impingers-CloseUp.jpg Impingers-Top Canopy.jpg Joe DeFrancesco Adjusts Pete Sturman's Metronome.jpg
KREC Low Volume application 2 KREC Low Volume calibration KREC Post Harvest Dip 2 KREC Post Harvest Potato
KREC Low Volume application 2.jpg KREC Low Volume calibration.jpg KREC Post Harvest Dip 2.jpg KREC Post Harvest Potato.jpg
KREC peaches leaving the roller bar PH Keri & Karl setup Kestrel-Vane Mounted Kestrel-Vane Mounted2
KREC peaches leaving the roller bar PH.jpg Keri & Karl setup.jpg Kestrel-Vane Mounted.jpg Kestrel-Vane Mounted2.jpg
Kubota-PTO-Injection Rig Leafminer Efficacy - Counting Leaf Mines UCD Lemon Eureka Lisbon size comparison MauryShowsMikaHowToWorkStopwatch
Kubota-PTO-Injection Rig.jpg Leafminer Efficacy - Counting Leaf Mines UCD.jpg Lemon Eureka Lisbon size comparison.jpg MauryShowsMikaHowToWorkStopwatch.jpg
Mazzei Diagram Mazzei Injector UCD Mazzei_KARE Measuring airblast output with 10,000ml pitcher  200ml increments, Seth Watkins UCD
Mazzei Diagram.jpg Mazzei Injector UCD.jpg Mazzei_KARE.jpg Measuring airblast output with 10,000ml pitcher 200ml increments, Seth Watkins UCD.jpg
Mint Still Pamra ID Mint-Bottle for collected TRT oil Mint-Cleaning pots Mint-Collecting oil
Mint Still Pamra ID.jpg Mint-Bottle for collected TRT oil.jpg Mint-Cleaning pots.jpg Mint-Collecting oil.jpg
Mint-Oil on top of water Mint-Removing bags Mosquito-KnockDown Mosquito-Sentinel Cages
Mint-Oil on top of water.jpg Mint-Removing bags.jpg Mosquito-KnockDown.jpg Mosquito-Sentinel Cages.jpg
Mowing Fescue into Windrows OSU Mushroom Spawn treatment NMSU.05.10.2018 Graduates in early light No Se Cosecha
Mowing Fescue into Windrows OSU.jpg Mushroom Spawn treatment.jpg NMSU.05.10.2018 Graduates in early light.jpg No Se Cosecha.jpg

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