WRIR4-Specialty Crop Pests
Updated: 9/25/2017
Western Region IR4
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Asian Citrus Psyllid Asian Citrus Psyllid Trap Visalia CA Bagrada Bug Banana bunchy top virus, Waimanalo Res Station, HI
Asian Citrus Psyllid.jpg Asian Citrus Psyllid Trap Visalia CA.jpg Bagrada Bug.jpg Banana bunchy top virus, Waimanalo Res Station, HI.jpg
Basil DM leaves under Basil DM shoot top Beet Curly Top Virus on Bell Peppers NM Bird Damage on Blueberries
Basil DM leaves under.jpg Basil DM shoot top.jpg Beet Curly Top Virus on Bell Peppers NM.jpg Bird Damage on Blueberries.jpg
Bird Damage-Sunflower Black Spot On Roses OR Broccoli frost Davis CA Brown Marmoratted Stink Bug, Eugene OR
Bird Damage-Sunflower.jpg Black Spot On Roses OR.jpg Broccoli frost Davis CA.jpg Brown Marmoratted Stink Bug, Eugene OR.jpg
Brown Marmoratted Stinkbug Cochineal on prickly pear cactus Common Cocklebur Common Purslane
Brown Marmoratted Stinkbug.jpg Cochineal on prickly pear cactus.jpg Common Cocklebur.jpg Common Purslane.jpg
Corn Ear Worm Curly Top Virus in Roma Tomato CurlyTop Virus in Bell Pepper Diseased Bulbs
Corn Ear Worm.jpg Curly Top Virus in Roma Tomato.jpg CurlyTop Virus in Bell Pepper.jpg Diseased Bulbs.jpg
Diseased Bulbs2 Dodder-CloseUp Doves Eating Sorghum NMSU Erineum Mite-Backside
Diseased Bulbs2.jpg Dodder-CloseUp.jpg Doves Eating Sorghum NMSU.jpg Erineum Mite-Backside.jpg
Erineum Mite-Front Eriophyid Mite Damage On Pinot Noir Eriophyid Mite On Parthenium Field Fumigation Tarping CA
Erineum Mite-Front.jpg Eriophyid Mite Damage On Pinot Noir.jpg Eriophyid Mite On Parthenium.jpg Field Fumigation Tarping CA.jpg
Field Fumigation Tarping Initial Line CA Filbert Blight OR Florida Red Scale on Camellia Valley Center CA Fumitory
Field Fumigation Tarping Initial Line CA.jpg Filbert Blight OR.jpg Florida Red Scale on Camellia Valley Center CA.jpg Fumitory.jpg
Giant Pigweed-Tomatoes Giant foxtail Grapes Botrytis Rot Chile Grasses-No IDs
Giant Pigweed-Tomatoes.jpg Giant foxtail.jpg Grapes Botrytis Rot Chile.jpg Grasses-No IDs.jpg
Herbicide Phyto On Cucumbers Horse Tail Shepherds Purse Jimsonweed - Datura flower UC Riverside Kochia-Close
Herbicide Phyto On Cucumbers.jpg Horse Tail Shepherds Purse.jpg Jimsonweed - Datura flower UC Riverside.jpg Kochia-Close.jpg
Kochia-Top Late blight tomato stem Leaf Miner Larvae Leaffooted Bug Nymphs on Pomegranate CA
Kochia-Top.jpg Late blight tomato stem.jpg Leaf Miner Larvae.jpg Leaffooted Bug Nymphs on Pomegranate CA.jpg
Leaffooted Bug on Pomegranate CA Leafminer Larvae Liriomyza on Gerbera Lettuce Downy Mildew Salinas, CA Lettuce Drop Watsonville, CA
Leaffooted Bug on Pomegranate CA.jpg Leafminer Larvae Liriomyza on Gerbera.jpg Lettuce Downy Mildew Salinas, CA.jpg Lettuce Drop Watsonville, CA.jpg
Lettuce Romaine Leaf Downy Lettuce Weeds -Malva Purslane Groundsel Lettuce Weeds-Groundsel Lettuce Weeds-Malva post harvest
Lettuce Romaine Leaf Downy.jpg Lettuce Weeds -Malva Purslane Groundsel.jpg Lettuce Weeds-Groundsel.jpg Lettuce Weeds-Malva post harvest.jpg
Lettuce Weeds-Prickly Lettuce2 Lettuce Weeds-Purslane Lettuce-Leaf Malva weed Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Lambsquarter
Lettuce Weeds-Prickly Lettuce2.jpg Lettuce Weeds-Purslane.jpg Lettuce-Leaf Malva weed.jpg Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Lambsquarter.jpg
Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Lambsquarter CloseUp Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Liriomyza Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Liriomyza CloseUp Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Liriomyza fly and damage
Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Lambsquarter CloseUp.jpg Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Liriomyza.jpg Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Liriomyza CloseUp.jpg Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Liriomyza fly and damage.jpg
Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Prickly Lettuce Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Purslane Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Purslane CloseUp Lettuce-Romaine-Sclerotinia Skips
Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Prickly Lettuce.jpg Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Purslane.jpg Lettuce-Leaf seedling - Purslane CloseUp.jpg Lettuce-Romaine-Sclerotinia Skips.jpg
Lygus Sweeping CO Marestail.Hops Marestail.Hops.DownRow OBLR-larvae Oblique Banded Leafroller
Lygus Sweeping CO.jpg Marestail.Hops.jpg Marestail.Hops.DownRow.jpg OBLR-larvae Oblique Banded Leafroller.jpg
Onion Downy Mildew Oxalis Weeds in Artichoke Field Oxalis weeds Pear Fire Blight CA Delta
Onion Downy Mildew.jpg Oxalis Weeds in Artichoke Field.jpg Oxalis weeds.jpg Pear Fire Blight CA Delta.jpg
Pear Rust Pustules On Serviceberry Phyto Damage Phytophthora Infestans SCM Infection Pineappleweed Knotweed
Pear Rust Pustules On Serviceberry.jpg Phyto Damage.jpg Phytophthora Infestans SCM Infection.jpg Pineappleweed Knotweed.jpg
Pseudomonas Blight On Lilacs OSU Puncture Vine Puncture Vine-Goat Heads Puncture Vine-Seed Head
Pseudomonas Blight On Lilacs OSU.jpg Puncture Vine.jpg Puncture Vine-Goat Heads.jpg Puncture Vine-Seed Head.jpg
Pythium Root Damage Cala Lilly Pythium root rot in callas Chase CA Red Root Pigweed Red Root Pigweed-Top
Pythium Root Damage Cala Lilly.jpg Pythium root rot in callas Chase CA.jpg Red Root Pigweed.jpg Red Root Pigweed-Top.jpg
Russian Thistle - TumbleWeed Seed Beets And Weeds Smartweed Groundsel Sow Thistle-Strawberries
Russian Thistle - TumbleWeed.jpg Seed Beets And Weeds.jpg Smartweed Groundsel.jpg Sow Thistle-Strawberries.jpg
Spotted Wing Drosophila Spotted Wing Drosophila Trap Spotted Wing Drosophila larvae Spurred Anoda
Spotted Wing Drosophila.jpg Spotted Wing Drosophila Trap.jpg Spotted Wing Drosophila larvae.jpg Spurred Anoda.jpg
Sugar Beet Powdery Mildew Symphylan Thistle - Probable Canadian Tomato Curly Top Virus
Sugar Beet Powdery Mildew.jpg Symphylan.jpg Thistle - Probable Canadian.jpg Tomato Curly Top Virus.jpg
WGC-Flower WGC-Underside WGC-Wrights Ground Cherry Wasabi Aphid Damage
WGC-Flower.jpg WGC-Underside.jpg WGC-Wrights Ground Cherry.jpg Wasabi Aphid Damage.jpg

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