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Updated: 4/11/2018
Western Region IR4
WRIR4 Photo Gallery

Avocado Bee Polination Avocado Bloom Unopened Brassica Plots Broccoli with Bird Netting
Avocado Bee Polination.jpg Avocado Bloom Unopened.jpg Brassica Plots.jpg Broccoli with Bird Netting.jpg
CA-96-97 Eureka Lisbon size comparison Calibrating Water UN32 Mix Carrot Umbel Citrus Fruit Washing
CA-96-97 Eureka Lisbon size comparison.jpg Calibrating Water UN32 Mix.jpg Carrot Umbel.jpg Citrus Fruit Washing.jpg
Citrus Stock Kaffir Lime Cyazofamide snap beans untreated plot Date Closeup Date Garden
Citrus Stock Kaffir Lime.jpg Cyazofamide snap beans untreated plot.jpg Date Closeup.jpg Date Garden.jpg
Glassy wing sharpshooter project in grapes HaasAvocado Hooking up Kubota PTO-pump Lemons
Glassy wing sharpshooter project in grapes.jpg HaasAvocado.jpg Hooking up Kubota PTO-pump.jpg Lemons.jpg
Mazzei Drip Irrigation System Nathan Spraying Center Beds Nathan n Reuben-Drip Capture Nathan-Calibration
Mazzei Drip Irrigation System.jpg Nathan Spraying Center Beds.jpg Nathan n Reuben-Drip Capture.jpg Nathan-Calibration.jpg
Nathan-Output Checks Onset Box With Hobos Oranges n Sky Pitahaya Blooming
Nathan-Output Checks.jpg Onset Box With Hobos.jpg Oranges n Sky.jpg Pitahaya Blooming.jpg
Pitahaya.Leaves Post Application Calcs Sample Prep VolksSprayer
Pitahaya.Leaves.jpg Post Application Calcs.jpg Sample Prep.jpg VolksSprayer.jpg
Work Surface Yemeni Citron Size    
Work Surface.jpg Yemeni Citron Size.jpg

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