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Updated: 4/15/2016
Western Region IR4
WRIR4 Photo Gallery

4 small tanks on research airblast Chava Torres Bronson Hung Martin Beran Will Meeks Close up onions parma Diluent-Measurring
4 small tanks on research airblast.jpg Chava Torres Bronson Hung Martin Beran Will Meeks.jpg Close up onions parma.jpg Diluent-Measurring.jpg
Dry Beans Graduates Pitchers Hop Sample Hop Sample Delmhorst Meter
Dry Beans.jpg Graduates Pitchers.jpg Hop Sample.jpg Hop Sample Delmhorst Meter.jpg
Idaho spirotetramat onion trial Kimberly Station Meeks  samples to freezer Mint still vats Parma
Idaho spirotetramat onion trial.jpg Kimberly Station.jpg Meeks samples to freezer.jpg Mint still vats Parma.jpg
Onions Parma Trifloxy and Nitrapyrin Output Catch Potato Post Harvest Potato Post Harvest Handling
Onions Parma Trifloxy and Nitrapyrin.jpg Output Catch.jpg Potato Post Harvest.jpg Potato Post Harvest Handling.jpg
Potatoes moving through spray SOPs-Truck Copy Track Sprayer UI_Bean_Counting
Potatoes moving through spray.jpg SOPs-Truck Copy.jpg Track Sprayer.jpg UI_Bean_Counting.jpg
WM-Pesticide Storage-Kimberly Will Meeks & Gina Koskela UCD Will Meeks Harvesting Hop Bines in Parma Will Meeks Idaho dawn
WM-Pesticide Storage-Kimberly.jpg Will Meeks & Gina Koskela UCD.jpg Will Meeks Harvesting Hop Bines in Parma.jpg Will Meeks Idaho dawn.jpg

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