Western Region IR-4 - Monterey Mushrooms Project
Updated: 1/13/2014
Western Region IR4
WRIR4 Photo Gallery

After first pick AngeloPicksMushroomsForMM_TrialsIMG_3212 CathyHarveyAndStephen Charlee Kelly Monterey Mushrooms
After first pick.jpg AngeloPicksMushroomsForMM_TrialsIMG_3212.jpg CathyHarveyAndStephen.jpg Charlee Kelly Monterey Mushrooms.jpg
David Ennes Mixing ts Empty boxes FirstStageMushroomGrowth_MyceliumGrowing FliesOnCeilingLight
David Ennes Mixing ts.jpg Empty boxes.jpg FirstStageMushroomGrowth_MyceliumGrowing.jpg FliesOnCeilingLight.jpg
HarvestBoxesForOysters Hydraulic Press InsideChamberWithHumidifier Keri SkilesSetting Up
HarvestBoxesForOysters.jpg Hydraulic Press.jpg InsideChamberWithHumidifier.jpg Keri SkilesSetting Up.jpg
Mature Button Mushrooms Mature Button Mushrooms2 Mature Oysters MontereyMushroomFacility_cropped
Mature Button Mushrooms.jpg Mature Button Mushrooms2.jpg Mature Oysters.jpg MontereyMushroomFacility_cropped.jpg
MoreTrichoderma MushroomBoxesStayingMoist_MM_Trial MushroomKnife MushroomSpawn
MoreTrichoderma.jpg MushroomBoxesStayingMoist_MM_Trial.jpg MushroomKnife.jpg MushroomSpawn.jpg
Oysters ready to Pick Portabella Bed Portabella Pickers Potabellas Thinned
Oysters ready to Pick.jpg Portabella Bed.jpg Portabella Pickers.jpg Potabellas Thinned.jpg
Research mushrooms Setting up Fogger w ts Sticky Paper  
Research mushrooms.jpg Setting up Fogger w ts.jpg Sticky Paper.jpg

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