Western Region IR4 - UC Davis

Training Recordings

Date Topic
Summer 2017

Drip Irrigation Injection Application Video

Example Notebooks:

Imidacloprid/Seed Corn 11270.15-HI19
Oxathiapiprolin/Strawberry 11719.16-CA55

For a GLP Training Certificate:

1. Watch the video from the link above (43 minutes)
2. Take the survey (~2 minutes)
3. Participate in the live webinar discussion on
July 10, 2017, 11:00am PST
(~45 minutes)

Invitations were sent to those registered for the webinars - contact wrfield@ucdavis.edu with questions.

If you are viewing the video and discussion after July 10th, we are not able to provide a GLP certificate, but you can add them to your training log.

Winter 2018

To be announced