Western Region IR4 - UC Davis

Participant Information

How to Participate

The best way to participate is to pre-register for the webinar through the invitation email. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact the Western Region Field Office wrfield@ucdavis.edu.

The Western Region Training Webinars will use a conference call from a telephone connection for the audio component AND a website so everyone can follow the presentations at the same time.

Step 1: Connect via phone to the conference call

Call: 866-740-1260

Enter participant code: 7527634

Step 2: Connect to the web

Go to www.ReadyTalk.com

Use the same participant code: 7527634

Follow the instructions on the screen to register for the event and you will be connected to the meeting.

We will be online to view the presentations but we will be talking via a conference call/telephone connection.