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2018 Topic
April 3, 2018

April 2018 Webinar

Safety, Calibrations and Other Reminders
Preparing for QA field visits, plot markers and maps, notebook descriptions of applications and sampling, calibrations for multiple treatments and multiple trials, phytotoxicity ratings in residue trials, and safety considerations and PPE.

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January 23, 2018

Done Right and Documented: Tips for Successful IR-4 Trials
GLP Compliance statement, Canadian trial GLP acceptance and tracking form, test substance transport, field critical phase inspections, plot maps, collecting crop safety data, labels and SDS, PPE, crop destruct, when the trial doesn't fit standard notebook pages, deviations, sample shipping and notifications

Field Office, QA and Lab

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2017 Topic
July 10, 2017

Video: Drip Irrigation Injection Applications

A discussion of different techniques for drip irrigation applications with Field Research Directors David Ennes and Julie Coughlin - WR Field Office

Post Video Discussion: Watch the recording (Flash, or download mp4)

Example Documentation:

Imidacloprid/Seed Corn 11270.15-HI19
Oxathiapiprolin/Strawberry 11719.16-CA55

2016 Topic(s)/Presenter or Discussion Leader
November 14, 2016

Webinar: History and Purpose of GLPs, Some Field Highlights from 2016, Web Resources, Low Volume Applications, EPA Inspections, PSI Gauges, Drying Commodities, 2017 National Training, and FDNs (Compliance Statement, Sampling, Deviations, eQA responses)
Field Office, QA and Lab

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June 27, 2016

Webinar: Peeling the Onion: Field, Notebooks & QA Refinements– Field Office, QA and Lab

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March 15-16

2016 Western Region Training: A day in the life of a residue study
Training was held at UC Davis. Please contact Becky Sisco with questions.

2015 Topic(s)/Presenter or Discussion Leader
January 12, 2015

Starting the Year Off Right: –Tools for planning field trials: Calendars, Spreadsheets, Field plot layouts, Test substance information, Great things FRDs do (email, timely data recording, revising SOPs), Handling changed pages in Field Data Notebooks, and Adjuvant storage and use. -Field Office, QA and Lab

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April 13, 2015

Spring Training and Field Warmup: – Notebook changes for 2015, Application types, Wind speed, Trial differentiation, Deviations, Maintenance pesticides, Documenting phytotoxicity, Sample Cooling, and Web resources. -Field Office, QA and Lab

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July 13, 2015

Crunch Time - Getting It Done: – Freezer Alarm Examples and Experience; New Adjuvant Requirements; Seed Treatment Trials, Adjuvant Calculator and Maintaining Integrity, Notebooks on Website, Phytotoxicity Evaluations, Custom Soil Report, Test Substance Sign-Out/In, Identifying Emails. -Field Office

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October 12, 2015

Wrapping It Up: – Overview of notebook completion, Documenting Unusual Trials, Custom Notebook Pages, Growing Commercial Crops, Output Rechecks, Adjuvant Life Expectancy, Sample Shipping, and Responding to Audits. -Field Office & QA Team

Field Data Book Completion - Notes from University of Hawaii's Process

No recording is available.

2014 Topic(s)/Presenter or Discussion Leader

January 14, 2014

Highlights of Smart Moves by Our FRD: Customized FDN Forms, Facility Records, Protocol Instructions, Challenging Crops, Digital Maps, Sample Reduction, PPE,
Checklists, Confirming Deposition, Drying Techniques, Temporary
Workers, Equipment Mods, and Teamwork – Field Office, QA and Lab

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March 4, 2014

Reminders: Shipping Box Weight, QA Targeted Trials
eQA System Update - Sherita Normington
How Are We Doing?
Questions and Answers

Making IR-4 Field Research Centers Work in a Resource Limited World : Big
v. Small, Common Issues, Annuals v. Perennials, Station Managers,
Tricks to get it done - Stephen Flanagan

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May 13, 2014

What's on YOUR Mind?

Coffee Processing in Hawaii - Julie Coughlin

Tips on Documenting Repetitive Activities - Stephen Flanagan

Calibrations - Full Calibration or Recheck? - Martin Beran

Tidbits: Test Substance Receipt Comparison, Freezer Alarms, Banded Applications, Alternative Calibration Liquids

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July 8, 2014

Canadian Notebook Pages and Making Mistakes: How to interacting with others who are reviewing your data, notebook harmonization between the US and Canadian residue trial notebooks.

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November 12, 2014

It's Fall, Hit the books: Tips for notebook completions, eQA updates, IR4 Freezer Advisory, Tracking Changed Pages from QC Reviews, Sample feedback, -Field Office, QA & Lab

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2013 Topic(s)/Presenter or Discussion Leader

January 8, 2013

Tidbits and Tricks of the Trade: Equipment cleaning and understanding parts per billion, responding to QA findings, documenting data appropriately, personal protective equipment, communicating with other FRDs, temporary field workers, sampling, test substance issues, deviations and amendments, and drip injection data sheets.

– Matt Hengel and the Field Office

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April 9, 2013

2013 Protocol and Field Data Book Reminders
Multiple Trial Differentiation & Tips from Study Directors
- Ken Samoil

eQA Questions - Western Region Liaison - Sherita Normington

Tidbits and RemindersField Office

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August 13, 2013

Reminders for Improving Field Trials:
Trial Documentation, Phyto Data, Writing Deviations, Test Substance Tips, Applications, Verification, and Sample Packing

Field Office & QA

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November 12, 2013

Using New Technologies for Plot Maps Stephen Flanagan and Mika Tolson

Commodity Drying Methodologies Stephen Flanagan and Mika Tolson

eQA System Update Sherita Normington

Tidbits and RemindersField Office

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2012 Topic(s)/Presenter or Discussion Leader

January 13, 2012

Changes in 2012 protocol and notebook and Multiple Trial RequirementsKen Samoil

Tidbits and Reminders: Adjuvants, Permission from SD, Dread of Documentation

Memo to file page addition for the 2012 Field Data Notebook

Webinar recording

February 10, 2012

Test and Reference Substance Receipt and IdentificationJim McFarland

Tidbits and Reminders: Standard solutions, Field trials before March, Test substance logs, Foliar directed vs. broadcast applications

Webinar recording

March 9, 2012

Martin’s Top Ten List: QA findings – Martin Beran

QC reviews and QA findings: Reactions, Responses, Relationships - Jim McFarland and Stephen Flanagan

Tidbits and Reminders: IR-4 Study Timelines, Thank Yous to FRDs, QA Targeted Trials

Webinar recording

April 13, 2012

The Timeline Thing: Usual and expedited, where to find them, why they change, how it impacts FRDs, and why timelines are critical to IR-4's success – Debbie Carpenter

Lifecycle of an Expedited ProjectMatt Hengel

Tidbits and Reminders: PPE

Webinar recording

May 11, 2012

Equipment MaintenanceMartin Beran

FRD 101: Skills for SuccessWR Field Coordinator Team Summary of the discussion and additional points not discussed during the webinar

Tidbits and Reminders: SOPs and Equipment

Webinar recording

June 8, 2012

Sample Receipt and PrepBronson Hung and Chava Torres

Writing those pesky deviationsBecky Sisco

Webinar recording

July 13, 2012

Trials with Challenging applications (e.g.  chemigation) and Tricks of the TradeStephen Flanagan and FRDs

View FRDs' CO2 Regulators for Backpack Sprayers (examples will be added as we receive them)

Webinar recording

August 10, 2012

Drying Commodities – Procedures and DocumentationStephen Flanagan and Sherita Normington

Tidbits and Reminders: PPE for your safety

Webinar recording

September 14, 2012

Lab TopicsMatt Hengel

1) EPA Audit Review
2) Non-GLP Standards

Webinar recording

October 12, 2012

Measuring DevicesMartin Beran and Sherita Normington

Tidbits and Reminders: Solvents for cleaning, SOPs

Webinar recording

November 9, 2012

IR-4 Websites: National and Western Region
What’s available at your fingertips?

Webinar recording

December 14, 2012

Year in Review – A game (Mika Tolson, Matt Hengel, Martin Beran, Stephen Flanagan, Sherita Normington, Becky Sisco)

Webinar recording