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11264 MAMAKI / GLYPHOSATE BB (HQ)We may be able to submit a ChemSAC proposal to allow the extrapolation from the existing tolerances for tea, dried and tea, instant for this request. (RS 7/11/13)

Details from PR:
No herbicides cleared for mamaki.

Sent email reminder to BB/DC (HQ) for ChemSac argument? (RS 4/9/14)

DC (HQ) Bill is traveling right now, but I followed up with him last week. He plans to submit an argument to ChemSAC so that we have an answer before the FUW. (RS 4/9/14)

BB (HQ) provided a draft ChemSAC argument 4/16/14 for review bridging to tea. (RS 4/17/14)

BB (HQ) sent ChemSAC argument to BM EPA on 5/16/14 to bridge from tea (RS 5/16/14)

BB (HQ)/ChemSAC The proposed translation seemed obvious based on the limited mamaki consumption combined with the fact that the mamaki and tea use patterns are the same and the harvest/preparation methods are similar. Did not feel it was necessary to occupy ChemSAC with such a decision. I agree on the simplicity of the decision but as a happy medium can we just put bring this up at ChemSAC and put it into the minutes for this coming weeks meeting? (RS 6/22/14)

Still need MFG support for no data petition etc. (RS 8/9/16) Email sent to BB for update.

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