Project Detail Comments:
prnum CropChem WR Comments
11611 STRAWBERRY / QUINCLORAC MC (GA) Needed for weed control in between plastic culture rows. Would like the product to be used in conjugation with seeding of annual grass cover crop (usually annual rye grass - turf type), so as to eliminate annual weed (Crabgrass, Evening Primrose, and others) from seed. Also, would like the product for use as a postemergence weed control in the same situation. (RS 11/12/14)

MC (GA) : Currently no product with this use pattern, and plants in the rose family are very tolerant of this herbicide. This use pattern would hopefully eliminate many of the annual weeds coming from seed in plastic culture strawberries (in the annual rye (turf type) seeded row middles in-between the strawberries). It also has the potential to be used for post weed control in this situation to eliminate many weeds (both grasses and broadleaf). (RS 11/12/14)

MM (WG/DC) anything that can help strawberries now that methyl bromide is gone is a much needed priority (RS 11/12/14)

NO WR state (RS 4/24/15)

PST CC (JD EP) OR would have value for bindweed control - would need a WR requesting state, need to assess crop safety as well (RS 6/12/15)

PST CC removed WR priority w/o crop safety data and WR state (RS 8/9/15)

PST CC If this project gets a green light AS (WA) interested in this for asparagus (RS 8/9/15)

EP (OSU) Post-emergence control of field bindweed in bearing perennial strawberries. 0.25 to 0.5 lb ai/A. (RS 1/16/17)

WR "A/B" place holder pending feedback from EP (RS 1/16/17)

EP (OSU) WR "B" for now early stages (RS 1/27/17)

PST CC EP (OR) may have additional crop safety data by August 1 (RS 6/6/17)

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