Efficacy Project Comments:
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11635 QUINOA / FLUOPICOLIDE PCR target and need: Downy Mildew (Peronospora variabilis): Downy has shown up and negatively affected yields in Oregon quinoa plantings. There are no registered fungicides for use in quinoa to control this pest.

JD (OSU) The rotational intervals that appear on the Presidio label would not be a problem for quinoa growers in Oregon. With this information, I am hopeful that Valent will consider supporting the IR-4 quinoa/fluopicolide residue project, PR#11635. (RS 7/27/15)

BB (HQ)there may be some data from Peru regarding use of fluopicolide on quinoa BB will look for it (RS 8/3/15)

BB (HQ) needs an "A" priority to be evaluated at the FUW; easy "B" decision, have azoxystrobin and propiconazole via ChemSac no data petitions. (RS 8/18/15)

BB (HQ) there are no potential extrapolations for fluopicolide or mandipropamid and it would be helpful if they could be nominated for an "A" priority for downy mildew. Fluopicolide has been given the OK by the registrant with a request for crop safety and efficacy. Valent was initially concerned about rotational issues, but the information that Joe provided was very helpful in reversing their decision. Mandipropamid is under evaluation by Syngenta and is a good product for downy mildews. Fluopicolide has been used extensively on quinoa for downy mildew in Peru, so if I had to choose between the two, I would first go for fluopicolide and then mandipropamid. (RS 8/18/15)


Efficacy Data Summary: This product is currently registered on Peronospora parasitica & Peronospora tabaci. [SF, 9/1/15


PST CC: Mandipropamid/fluopicolide an "A/B" but will defer to s-metolachlor for top priority in quinoa if clear path (RS 6/6/17)

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