Efficacy Project Comments:
prnum CropChem WR Comments
11921 MINT / SAFLUFENACIL WR "A/B" until further stakeholder input (RS 5/23/16)

Broadleaf weeds: Prickly Lettuce (Lactuca serriola), kochia (Kochia scoparia), common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris), Amaranthus species such as redroot pigweed (A. retroflexus)/Palmer amaranth (A. palmeri)/waterhemp (A. rudis), Mustards, Sharppoint fluvellin (Kickxia elatine)

NEED: Alternative herbicide to paraquat: Improved human safety, control bigger broadleaf weeds and/or winter hardened weeds that paraquat misses, improved weed control.

SS (MRC) It would be an A priority for mint. (RS 5/29/16)

There are several crop safety trials, different locations, but some show injury, will need to convince registrant that mint can take the injury and not suffer yield damage. SF to follow up with SS (RS 6/7/16)

CK (BASF) Based on the data available, BASF is interested in the Saflufenacil (KIXOR) on mint project but we want to encourage the mint research council to conduct more crop safety testing (at least 1, preferably 2), in particular with SHARPEN applied at use rates of 2, 4, and 6 fl ozs/A (1X, 2X, 3X) applied to mint in dormancy. Until more crop safety data is generated, BASF can respond to this PCR with project status “POTENTIAL, MFG requires E/CS data before residue study”. (RS 6/9/16)

SS (MRC) second priority after 11971 fluopyram (RS 8/9/16)

SS PST CC: working on generating more crop safety data looking for "A" priority if BASF OK's crop safety data (RS 6/6/17) same (RS 8/1/17) Likely not a project til 2019.

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