OffTable Project Comments:
prnum CropChem Comments
12065 POMEGRANATE / GLUFOSINATE Broadleaf and grass weeds, especially glyphosate-resistant biotypes. Suppression of yellow nutsedge.
NEEDED: Few POST herbicide are registered in pomegranate. Glyphosate-resistant weeds, particularly Conyza species are difficult to control and there are increasing concerns with several summer annual grasses. Treevix was recently registered for use in pomegranate which provides one tool for management of the GR Conzya; however, this MOA does not control grasses. Glufosinate would help with GR grass weeds and also provide a herbicide MOA rotation for the GR Conyza. Additionally, glufosinate can provide suppression of yellow nutsedge which is another critical and unmet weed management need in California pomegranate.

TRADE NAME/FORMULATION: Rely 280 and others
DOSAGE RATE (Active Ingredient/Acre): 0.87 to 1.5 lb ai/A
TYPE OF APPLICATION: Foliar to weeds, below the pomegranate canopy.
PHI (DAYS): 14
DIRECTIONS OF USE: Same use pattern as other fruit and nut tree crops in CA. Apply in at least 20 GPA water to weed foliage but below tree canopy,
LIMITATIONS: Maximum of 3 application per year and 246 fl oz of the 280g/L product per calendar year. 14 day retreatment interval and 14 d PHI

JC (HI) "H" priority for performance to support crop group: Avocado(PR 10240) & banana (PR 12050) or pomegranate (PR 12065) HI also interested in papaya (PR 9887) covered by crop subgroup 24B for tolerance but likely will need crop specific crop safety data (RS 6/6/17)

BH PST CC - no crop safety data yet work with EW (WO) on crop safety (RS 6/6/17)

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