Efficacy Project Comments:
prnum CropChem WR Comments
6607 FIG / PENDIMETHALIN WR "B" from CA Fig Commission RM 3/4/08 (RS)

Currently, napropamide, oryzalin, and oxyfluorfen are the only three preemergence herbicides registered in bearing fig orchards. None of these three herbicides are effective on mustards or dock, whereas pendimethalin effectively controls these weeds. TL 3/4/05 (RS)

SLR meeting upgraded to "A" TL will verify (3/24/08) RS

Conference Call "B" as sulfur dioxide and ethephon have higher priority. (RS 6/6/08)

TL (CA) Fig is limited to just Surfaln and Goal as preemeregent herbicides. I would think this would be a big priority for fig growers, although there are not many of them to speak out. (RS 6/17/11)

PST CC need E/CS data to proceed (RS 6/12/12)

any E/CS funds would be helpful (RS 8/6/13)

BH (UCD) indaziflam>glufosinate>flumioxazin>>>pendimethalin>sethoxydim (RS 6/16/15)

BH (UCD) - Pendimethalin is moderately useful. It really has the same niche has Surflan which is already registered. So this is a “would be nice, but not critical” (RS 6/16/15)

Next highest priority for figs with glufosinate on hold, flumioxazin in process, indaziflam no data petition (RS 8/9/16)

Current priorities pendimethalin>>isoxaben>sethoxydim (RS 8/9/16)

Glufosinate now off hold >> pendimethalin (8/25/16)

BH PST CC - Isoxaben "A" >> pendimethalin "A/B" (RS 6/6/17)

BH PST post CC: I think indaziflam would definitely be a much higher priority than isoxaben as it is a much more effective herbicide. If we had indaziflam, then pendimethalin would be next and I’d move isoxaben down to a “B” or lower as it would be unnecessary. (RS 6/6/17)

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