OffTable Project Comments:
prnum CropChem Comments
9887 PAPAYA / GLUFOSINATE Bayer is not able to complete the attached PCR at this time. The reason is groundwater concerns. Could Dr. Mike Kawate supply information on the soil
type and water table where papaya are grown. Once we receive this information, we
will be able to determine whether or not Bayer can support the proposed use of glufosinate on papaya. FS 9/21/06

MK 9/21/06 this is no easy task as papaya is grown in a number of locations with various soil types, in lava (Hawai`i Island) to various types of clay (other islands). Our HDoA will help us because they have access to a GIS database, but we have to go elsewhere for water table data. I've also accessed the NRCS Soil Survey site here at UH which I could also obtain information. This may take a little while to generate. When Bayer asks for "soil type", what do they mean, e.g., soil series

Sent DK an email 6/3/09 to get some insight on glufonisate's future. (RS 6/5/09)

MK (HI) See PR 09493, 09887, 09568. I have been pestering Bayer CS to get these projects online. The use pattern is not quite the same as PR 10730, but we'd like to see glufosinate (Rely) registered for use in tropicals as an alternative to paraquat. PHI for PR 10730 is too long for crops like papaya and banana grown in HI; 1 day is preferred. (RS 11/12/10)

MK (HI) Reiterate need once can proceed with glufosinate email sent to HQ (RS 6/15/11)

VS (BCS) “Presently glufosinate is in registration review, which is to be completed in 2013; BCS can’t open up any PCRs for the 2011 FUW.”They made it pretty clear they will not support further work until completion of reg review. (RS 6/21/11)

JC/MK safer paraquat replacement

JC (HI) "H" priority for performance to support crop group: Avocado(PR 10240) & banana (PR 12050) or pomegranate (PR 12065) HI also interested in papaya (PR 9887) covered by crop subgroup 24B for tolerance but likely will need crop specific crop safety data (RS 6/6/17)

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