Western Region IR4 - UC Davis

Custom Notebook Pages

see also Documentation Hall of Fame for examples


Custom Pages from Field Research Centers
(multiple sections of the notebook): KARE, UCD, DREC, WSU, NMSU



  • Drip Injection Forms:
    Recording Emitter Output (Kearney)

    Drip App Calculations Template
    Example/filled out form
  • Measuring Devices: Kearney, UCR UH Example/Filled Out Form
  • Application Warning Signs: Re-Entry Signs


  • Commodity Drying Forms:
    Hay form (WSU)

    Hop form (WSU)

    Hop example form

    Stover example form

    Notebook General

  • Deviation (2016) PDF Fillable
  • Memo to File

    FRD Planning Forms:
    NCSU-Batts, OSU-Sturman, OSU-DeFrancesco, Univ of Idaho-Meeks

  • Field Data Notebook Checklists: NCSU-Batts, KARE-Ennes/Skiles, WSU-Groenendale
  • Field Data Notebook Authentication Checklist


  • Seed Treatment Studies: Chain of Custody Form
  • Borrowed Equipment: Example Form
  • Phytotoxicity Forms Type A, Type B