Western Region IR4 - UC Davis

Great Documentation Examples

Field Data Notebook and Facility Logs

Part 2: Personnel

Personnel Resume & Training Record Flutolanil Tomato A10593.12 NM16 Craig

Part 4: Test Substance

TS Temperature Monitoring Difenoconazole Guava 10172 12 HI08 Kam

Part 5: Trial Site

Vicinity Map from Methoxyfenozide Caneberry 10470 10 OR12 DeFrancesco

Plot Plan from Penthiopyrad Blueberry AAFC12-061R-253 DeFrancesco

Plot Plan from Acetamiprid Clover B9600 12 OR34 Koskela

Soil Information, Web Soil Survey 11545.16-CA30 Flumioxazin/ Fig Kyser

Part 6: Application

Equip Diagram from 6-Benzyladenine Avocado 10922 12 CA57 Zapien

Equip Diagram from QGU42 Asparagus 10623 12 CA73 Stewart

Equip Diagram/Photos from Penflufen Onion 10865 12 CA47 Boutwell

Application Description Fluensulfone Potato 10904 12 WA18 Groenendale

Airblast Sprayer Diagram/Photo Fluopicolide Hops 10916 12 WA13 Groenendale

Drip Application Imidicloprid/Seed Corn 11270 14 HI196 Coughlin

Drip Application V-10208/Pepper 10650 12 NM10 Craig

Drip Application Oxathiapiprolin/Strawberry 11719 17 CA3 Ennes

Part 7: Sample Harvesting

Description Difenoconazole Papaya 10802 12 HI11 Coughlin

Description from Metribuzin Potato 10671 12 NM08 Craig

Description from Imidacloprid Oyster 10553 10 WA45 Groenendale

Description from Ethofumesate Sugar Beet 11126 13 WA31 Groenendale

Description from Imidacloprid Corn (Seed) 11270 15 HI197 Coughlin

Part 8: Sample Shipping

Sample Shipping from Cyantraniliprole Coffee 10874 12 HIP01 Coughlin

Facility and Equipment Logs

Equip Log BYI02960 Pomegranate 10770 12 CA09 Skiles

Equipment Log from Cyantraniliprole Coffee 10874 12 HIP01 Coughlin

Freezer Temperature Log from 6-Benzyladenine Avocado 10922 12 CA54 Ennes

Annotated Freezer Temperature Log from Ethofumesate Beet 11126 13 ID06 Meeks

Freezer Alarm Test Form/Log: KARE-Alarm Test

Environmental Monitoring Device Verification: KARE